Fukushima disaster: Japan reopens radiation-hit Naraha
India dog cull causes controversy and heartache
Syria crisis: US concern over Russia ‘military build-up‘
Migrants reach Austria and Germany after long ordeal
Tajikistan clashes leave 22 dead

Business sectors

- Exploiting chemical minerals and mineral fertilizers. 
- Service activities support mining and other ores.
- Road freight transport.
- Manufacture of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds..
- Other specialized wholesales that have not been classified.
- Construction of railways and roads.
- Construction of public works.
- Installation of electrical systems.
- Maintenance and repair of automobiles and other motor vehicles.
- Other specialized construction activities.
- Short-stay services.
- Gargo transportation by rail.
- Trading gasoline and related products.
- Other education that has not been classified.
- Vocational training.
- Import and export of materials, equipment and commodities; Manufacturing and trading of industrial water.

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